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Academic Grants

Morton 201 Foundation Academic Grants

What are Academic Grants?

We are mindful of budgetary restraints. However, we do not want our students to miss out on opportunities that will further and enrich their educational experience due to unexpected costs that arise. Whether its material costs for an engineering competition, tickets to see a Tony Award-winning musical or entrance fees or transportation costs to an event, requests to the Morton 201 Foundation for an academic grant can be made by teachers to help underwrite or defray costs like these for our students.


In Spring 2019, our students were selected to participate in the Gilder-Lehrman Hamilton Education Program for the second time. The program provides educational materials and resources to US History teachers to use in their classroom with all Junior-level students. In addition to learning about the American Revolution and the establishment of our country’s government, students learned about the life and contributions of Alexander Hamilton. Students then created songs, skits, and raps addressing themes associated with the American Revolution and Hamilton’s life. Upon completing the projects, students are given discounted tickets to see Hamilton: An American Musical at the CBIS Theater in Chicago.

Although the ticket price is subsidized by Gilder-Lehrman, there is still a cost of $10 per ticket, payable by the students. Our district was allocated 70 tickets for students to see the show.

The Morton 201 Foundation received an Academic Grant request for $700 to cover the students' cost for the tickets.  

Edixon Vera from Morton East performed his rap on Benjamin Franklin and Ailec Montano, Caroline Enriquez, and Ayme Aguilar from Morton West performed "An Open Letter" which was written as a letter to Eliza Hamilton.



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