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Singing in the Rain







Morton 201 Foundation Hosts Singin’ in the Rain Dinner & Theatre Night 2019

On Friday, November 22, 2019, the Morton 201 Foundation hosted a Singin’ in the Rain Dinner & Theater Night at the newly opened Freshman Academy at Morton West.

The event was a huge success and raised $6,000 for the Morton 201 Foundation Pay It Forward Scholarship Fund.

Guests enjoyed a delicious, four-course, play-inspired dinner prepared by Morton East and Morton West culinary students in the Great Room of the Freshman Academy under a canopy of blue lights and hand-painted umbrellas. A sextet of orchestra students provided the musical entertainment during dinner.

Afterwards, guests moved to the Morton West auditorium for the performance after passing underneath another canopy of hand-painted umbrellas.

To help promote the show, North Riverside Park Mall donated four storefront windows one month prior to the show’s premiere.  

Over 300 students from the Fine Arts, Graphic Arts, Culinary, Music and Theatre Departments were involved with the painting of 100 umbrellas, the design of the show’s poster, program, tickets, and menu cards, the preparation and serving of dinner, the musical entertainment, and the cast and crew of the play.

The Morton 201 Foundation would like to thank the following donors for purchasing tables at the event:

Cicero Chamber of Commerce
Cicero Voters Alliance
Committee to Elect Robert J. Lovero
Morton College
Realty of Chicago

The Morton 201 Foundation would also like to thank:

Elliot Andries, Zoe Zuro, Mike Ridyard, Jessica Guzman, Hermiony Garica, Jacob Romero for the beautiful music provided during dinner.

Araceli Ramirez from Gabriel Studio for providing the lovely centerpieces.

Morton 201 Foundation board member Scott Goodman and the Chicago Botanic Garden for providing the napkins and other supplies.

Lidia Darkova of the Feil Organization for donating the storefront windows at North Riverside Park Mall.

Lastly, the Morton 201 Foundation would like to give special thanks to Morton West Theatre Director, Mrs. Janine Delmonico and the Morton West Theatre Department, along with Culinary Arts instructors, Mrs. Colleen Del Monaco, Mrs. Courtney Bay, and Mrs. Lindsay Ryan and both schools’ culinary students for their hard work, hospitality and dedication in preparing the meals served and ensuring that our guests had a warm and welcoming experience.

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